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Back in 2012, when only a few knew about the term “drone”, there were a handful who saw the potential and realized it.
Yigal Tsur, owner of Galilan Ltd., is one of the pioneers in the industry who brought about stabilized aerial photography, day and night, including real time video transmission to ground stations and flights according to predefined coordinates. The knowledge was later passed on to the Israeli police and security forces, who now use drones extensively.

I, Omen Tsur, began flying drones myself about two years later, continuing my hobby of flying airplanes that I had been cultivating since childhood. Combining my love of photography with the freedom of flying allowed me to see moments and landscapes from a surprising and exciting new angle. I gained a lot of experience as a licensed pilot and aerial photographer at LOOLTV.
I also created a drone training channel, now used by a wide group of pilots. Over time, I added landscape and nature videos to the channel, which I shot and edited across beautiful Israel, for anyone to enjoy.


Since then, Dad and I have been involved in aerial photography and other professional activities using drones. We’ve accumulated countless hours of trial and error in flying and aerial photography. Our practical experience in the field is at your service.

We have created the AirWorks brand, under Galilan Ltd. registered as a licensed and insured drone operator, which encapsulates our breadth of knowledge, years of experience, and passion for perfect execution.
By choosing AirWorks, you are choosing safe aerial creation and great results

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AirWorks Aerial Photography - Safe creation from the air

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